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Company Name

CONFLEX Corporation

Head Office

3-23-17 Takanawa, Minato-ku
Tokyo 108-0074 JAPAN
TEL: 03-6380-8290
FAX: 03-6380-8299

USA Office

5631 Palmer Way, Suite C
Carlsbad, CA 92010 USA
URL: http://www.conflex.net/

Date of establishment

April, 2000

Capital stock


Main business

Providing computational chemistry solutions

Handling items

Gaussian, GaussView, TCPLinda
ChemOffice, ChemDraw
Computational chemistry services, contract computing services, consulting, training


President & CEO: Kazuo Ohta
Board member: Motoharu Ohta
Outside Directors: Hitoshi Goto


  • 2000

    Established CONFLEX Corporation.

    Start parallelization of CONFLEX

    Official agents of AMBER

  • 2001

    Release of CONFLEX2000, a system for conformers creation
    Release of Parallel CONFLEX

  • 2002

    Multi-conformation analysis system BARISTA released

  • 2003

    Sales agents of Gaussian, Inc.
    Gaussian,GaussView, TCPLinda


    Development of CONFLEX.NET, a system for providing molecular structures, with a grant from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for new projects in telecommunications and broadcasting.

    Head office moved from Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture to Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

  • 2004

    Release of CONFLEX5

  • 2005

    Release of CONFLEX.NET

  • 2006

    Release of CONFLEX6

    Head office relocated from Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo to Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

  • 2007

    Release of CONFLEX6.2

  • 2009

    Release of CONFLEX6.7

  • 2011

    Release of CONFLEX6.8

  • 2012

    Sales agents of PerkinElmer Informatics

  • 2012

    Release of CONFLEX7.A

  • 2014

    Release of CONFLEX7.B

  • 2015

    Release of CONFLEX7.C

  • 2016 年

    Head office moved from Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo to Minato-ku, Tokyo.

    Release of CONFLEX7.D

  • 2017 年

    Release of CONFLEX8.A